Homecoming mums How to attach a homecoming mum

homecoming mum medium custom 225x300 Homecoming mums How to attach a homecoming mum

How do you wear this sucker, which is over 10 pounds? Our guide will help..

Homecoming mums are something that many Texas high school girls look forward to each year.  The designing of the homecoming mum is part of the fun, and the act of receiving the mum from someone special (even if mom) is equally important.  I have previously explained that it is a social faux paus to make it through homecoming week at a Texas high shcool without a homecoming mum.  Seems crazy?  It’s just Texas.

So, if you’ve found the mum of your dreams, you should be in ethereal bliss.  However, there is one common problem that could bring your homecoming mum fashion statement to a screeching halt.

If this is your first homecoming, or your mum is enormously heavy (again, think 10+ pounds), you’ve got to be wondering, “How do I attach my homecoming mum?”  Students have pushed themselves into the tradition of wearing the homecoming mum all the way through school on Friday before the homecoming game, then again during the Homecoming football game, and ALSO at the homecoming dance!

Some girls have been known to take off the mums during school simply because they are so darn heavy…carrying an extra load of 10 pounds can be exhausting.  Now, if this were one of my children, I might elect (in a brief lapse of judgement) to remind my daughter of the dangers of pregnancy…this may be a unique opportunity to explain how uncomfortable dragging this much weight can be.  That is a random comment, but the point is that the competitors in this event have got to pace themselves for the distance of the race.  Taking the homecoming mums on and off as needed may be necessary.

So, how are you going to get the homecoming mum to cooperate?  This is a unique “accessory”, being so heavy, lengthy, and (especially) having a hard cardboard backing that is not ideal for securing to a body in any way.  What is the best way to attach the homecoming mum?

5th Avenue Bowtique homecoming mums come with several alligator clips secured to the back, which can hold to the inside edge of a shirt (or spagetti strap during the dance- whatever you decide).  But, this isn’t going to keep the homecoming mum on…and, if you have no alligator clips, you’re going to need a lot more!  We recommend that customers secure the remainder of the homecoming mum with safety pins by sticking several through the back of of the homecoming mum (so they are hidden), and carefully through the shirt, dress, or other garment being worn.

We sometimes include “sashes” for our homecoming mums, which wrap all the way around the back and completely avoid any pinning.  This makes taking the homecoming mum off EASY and painless, and is a “clothes saver”- all of those pin holes can really rip up some fabrics!

Here is another suggestion- because of this difficult process, if you’re going “sashless”, consider wearing clothing you know will not be damaged by your homecoming mum.  Wide strapped tank tops work well as well as cotton t-shirts.

When you purchase your homecoming gown, consider how you will be wearing your homecoming mum…spagetti strap gowns and sleeveless gowns are the enemy of homecoming mums.  You will be struggling to keep your homecoming mum attached (and not pulling down your dress in some cases) the entire night!

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  1. Julie says:

    Can you explain how the sash works. I keep thinking the weight would still pull the sash down. Thanks

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