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high school homecoming mum 12 225x300 High School Homecoming Mum Question & Answershomecoming mum soccer theme 225x300 High School Homecoming Mum Question & Answershomecoming mum belle1 225x300 High School Homecoming Mum Question & Answers     I thought I would add a Question & Answer question about High School Homecoming Mums for those who are not familiar with the tradition.  Previous posts hint to important information. However, for those who are not in the know about the high school homecoming mum tradition and may find themselves needing to purchase a high school homecoming mum this year, you may find this helpful.

1)  How did this high school tradition start?

Homecoming mums began around 70 years ago when high school boys attended homecoming celebrations with their date.  Boys would purchase a white chrysanthemum flower for his date to wear to the homecoming game.  This flower is very large and beautiful, but also very fragile, so the flower was eventually placed with “fake”/silk flowers.  I believe this was the turning point for high school homecoming mums, as the silk flowers allowed all kinds of new inventions to be added.  Lights (similar to christmas trees) have been known to be added inside the flower so they light up during night games; dozens of other variations on the traditional homecoming mum have been adapted.

2)  Why does my date want a homecoming mum?

The tradition of homecoming mums has basically become a “contest” between girls.  The largest, most ornate mum wins the contest.  This is similar to Valentines Day- women love to receive flowers, and the largest bouquet tends to brag, “he likes/loves me more!”  Because most mums are custom made for the recipient, the larger the mum, the more the high school crowd interprets the idea that the BOY cares for the girl…he considered her happiness when choosing it.

3) What’s with the trinkets, teddy bears, whistles, etc.?  What requests should I ask for on my high school homecoming mum?

First off, the bells and whistles are considered “noise makers”.  During the homecoming game, high school students tend to get a bit rowdy, and the extra noise adds more excitement for this special occasion.

When purchasing a custom made homecoming mum, your designer should take into account the high school student’s activities and incorporate them into the mum.  The mum should tell a story about the couple and the details of their lives at that exact point in time.  For example, lets consider a high school boy and high school girl with the following activities: a boy who is a football player and member of the band and a girl who is a cheerleader and member of the french club.

When ordering a custom mum designed specifically for the couple, the designer should incorporate the suggested activities.  The mum might have football themed garland, fleur de lis accents, maybe a megaphone sticker for cheer, etc.  Homecoming mums should describe the couple- that is the point.

The other details- the extra bling, streamers, etc.- should coordinate with the school colors, or could be football themed because of the homecoming football game.

5) I am buying a mum for a senior.  What should I know?

This changes everything entirely.  Traditional high school homecoming mums incorporate the high school colors in the ribbon and other details.  However, senior homecoming mums are the exception.  Senior mums should be all white and silver (or gold).  This is a rite of passage and celebrates the last year a student will attend the school.  If you have seniors, make sure to order this type of mum- most high school girls don’t want a regular mum that suggests they are younger than they really are!

6) How much can I expect to pay for a homecoming mum?

The range in prices are as large as the diversity in a student body.  The average high school homecoming mum will cost between $60-140.  The complete range is closer to $45-250 or more.  The least expensive versions will be very simple, and the length of ribbon will be short.  A few garlands and trinkets will probably be included, but don’t expect many custom details.

The basic rule of thumb is, the larger the mum (and the more customization is done), the more you will pay.  The most expensive mums are complete show stoppers, are heavy with tons of bells and whistles, and win the “mum contest” with very little effort.

7)  What is a garter?

This is the male counterpart of the mum.  Homecoming mums are exchanged just as couples exchange corsages at high school homecoming dances.  Garters should be much smaller than mums, and the length probably to the waist at most.  The tradition follows that girls are expected to exchange them with any boy who is purchasing a mum for her.

Tips, suggestions, etc.:

*High School homecoming mums are very heavy.  Coming up with a system for attaching them to your outfit or dress can be a challenge.  Ask your designer or florist to leave a space on the back side of the mum (behind where the flower is glued) so you can pin the mum to your shirt.  Straight pins (or sewing pins) and safety pins do the best job of holding the homecoming mum to your clothing.  Use several pins, and pin carefully through the seams to avoid tearing of your clothing.

* many girls get tired of wearing the mum to school all day AND to the homecoming game later that night, especially if the mum is large and heavy.  Have a plan for a space where the mum can be hung if you need a resting spot!

*Pre-order your homecoming mum at least 2 weeks in advance, if possible.  Sometimes, high school students are not able to solidify plans with their homecoming dates until just before.  In this case, students may opt to purchase a generic mum which can be customized days (or even hours) before the event!

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