Grosgrain High School Homecoming Mum

I found out the other day that Houston ISD high schools have planned many area homecoming celebrations early for 2010.  Homecoming mums this year will definitely need to be pre-ordered for these schools in order to receive them in time for the High School football game and High School formal dance!  Going to a high school dance in Texas without a homecoming mum is basically unheard of, so I am suggesting to my local customers that pre-orders this year are a great way to go!  Because I put so much detail into each mum, I really need enough time to finish the mum.

I took the time to track down one design from 2008…the customer had lofty requests for her homecoming mum, as her son and his girlfriend were a pretty serious high school couple.  Her budget was pretty intense, and because it was a SENIOR HOMECOMING MUM, she requested all silver and white…

It was no surprise that she wanted this mum to top all of the others at their high school and she went to great pains to make sure this was the case.  We ordered a rhinestone transfer to go in the center of the homecoming mum.  It said, “this is what spoiled looks like”.  Rhinestone letters replaced traditional “sticker letters” (I despise them).  We also included several lengths of white maribou feathers, some gorgeous clear beads shaped like diamonds…the list goes on and on!

It is no surprise that she is the student who was featured in her high school year book the year before, and somehow this year’s homecoming mum was still able to top the previous.  I was amazed.

By the time I chose all of the details for this mum, I logged in at least 12 hours.  The end result was assembled by another very crafty person- this year, I was piled sky high with other orders from 3 other high schools.

The end result of this homecoming mum is just gorgeous!  I couldn’t be more pleased!homecoming mum 1 225x300 Grosgrain High School Homecoming Mumhomecoming mum pic 2 225x300 Grosgrain High School Homecoming Mum

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