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product photos july 29 009 300x225 Gymnastics Hair bow gift or party favorThis week welcomed the beginning of the USAG compulsory womens gymnastics season in the United States.  Young girls, beginning at age 4, are gearing up across the country to compete in USAG competitive gymanstics.  This is levels 2-6.  You may be wondering about those four year olds…really?  Yes, really.  And, they are tough.  If you’re attending a competition, be sure to bring flowers as a gift for your little contender.  She will love them!  Our gymnastics hair bow is also the perfect gift and a great surprise for a job well done!

In honor of the 2010 season, I’ve designed this new gymastics girl hair bow and clippie set.  We were headed to a birthday party for one ofour amazing 4 year old gymnast friends, and I realized that a gymnastics hair bow would be the perfect gift for her to open at the birthday party!  We know a lot of four year old gymnasts, and, I’ve found that, in shopping for various gifts whether online or in retail stores, there is a great inequality between “dance” and “gymnastics” merchandise.  Why does everyone seem to favor dance?

The amount of dance and ballet memorabilia (including hair bows), gifts and party supplies is unreal.  Gymboree even has an ‘I love dance’ themed line in stores this fall.  So imagine my lack of surprise when I began planning a gymnastics themed party.  I am yet to find gymnastics themed party favors that are reasonably cute.  Granted, many of them carry a USA/olympics theme, and many others are somewhat tacky.  Until recently, I thought that little girls doing dance and gymnastics seemed similar enough, however, it appears that dance is more popular.

Several recent studies have suggested that gymnastics is the “toughest” sport around, with football as the distinguished runner up.  Kevin Mazeika, theUSA Men’s Olympic Gymnastics Coach and owner of Gym Masters of Houston, Tx., went so far as to include the comparison in recent promotional material.  Keep working four year olds…you have a great career ahead!  If gymnastics doesn’t workout, there are infinite other opportunities!

Why is it that the fashion industry has turned it’s back on gymnasts?  Does anyone seem to care about the little gymnasts and their need to glam it up outside of practice? Forget the concept of gift giving, I’m talking about basic purchases. USAG no longer allows young girls to wear make up during competition…not even finger nail or toe nail polish.  So, it seems reasonable for them to have some ‘special’ little things outside of the gym… after all, what girl doesn’t love her hair bows, accessories, and clothes?

Apparently, party wholesalers think that Gymnastics party themes are on the decline.   Not sure where this came from, because gymnastics themed parties are alive and well.  Many gyms across the United States offer gymnastics themed birthday parties.  Of course, many moms will want the coordinating plates, napkins, cake toppers, and party favors– plain jane just won’t do for most of us.

So, after my internet search, I determined that the world was in need of more gymnastics products, and I was the girl for the job.  I became determined to create a gymnastics hair bow gift set, and I sure am happy with the results.  Of course, I planned to add the hair bow to my website, which would also double as a fabulous party favor!

If you haven’t already discovered this martha stewart-ish gift giving tip, I am going to let you in on a little secret…hair bows are the PERFECT present topper.  Throw out your traditional curled gift ribbon or gift bows, and add a simple hair bow to the top of the present.  The same can be done for party favors.  This simple extra detail draws attention to your gift, and, with that tiny extra detail (think $2 for a small basic bow- visit our website:, and becomes a second present in itself!

The clippie on this hair bow is actually interchangeable.  Both pieces can be worn alone, or together.  It’s the perfect gift because it is so versatile…the clippie would, alone, be an ideal party favor!

So, to maximize the ‘martha stewart’ in me, I placed the gymnastics clippie on top of the present on a large bow card turn backwards.  This replaced the traditional “birthday gift card” and gift giving bow.  If you want to replicate this idea with your own hair bow, but don’t have a 3×5″ card from the supplier, a nice sized piece of cardstock will suffice.  Punch holes for the clip to be inserted, and attach bow to card.  Then, tape card down to birthday present.  Be sure to write a nice message for your birthday girl to read AFTER the party!  She’ll be touched that you thought of her with this extra surprise.

It was only after I finished the bow that I realized these gymnastics hair bows would make an equally fabulous birthday party favor.  I have had many customers purchase themed hair bows or clippies for their female guests to coordinate with birthday parties.  With the popularity of gymnastics themed birthday parties surging across the country as competitive gyms open their doors after hours and on weekends for party guests, I realized I was on to something!

There are dozens of combinations that can be customized, and both you and your little girl will marvel at our ability to create her look alike out of a 3/8″ grosgrain ribbon hair bow!  When ordering this hair bow, customers must designated gymnast hair color, leotard color, hair bow color, and clip styles for BOTH hair bow and clippie.  The interchangeable hair bow set allows both pieces to be worn seperately (as bow or clippie), or together- as the layered gymnastics hair bow set.  Customers can purchase additional basic hair bows to mix and match, as well as other clips!

If your birthday girl is having a gymnastics themed party, this is the icing on the cake!

So, how would one of these tough (but adorably sweet) 4 year old gymnasts react to this type of gift?  Stay tuned…

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  1. Marci Crouse says:

    How can I get some gymnast bows? I would love to learn how to make them. I am in Fort Worth.

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